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"The Stars Beneath Our Feet" by David Barclay Moore is a powerful and heartfelt novel that follows the journey of Lolly Rachpaul, a twelve-year-old boy living in Harlem. After the tragic death of his older brother, Lolly struggles to make sense of the world around him. To cope with his grief, he immerses himself in the world of Lego building, creating intricate and imaginative structures that become a form of therapy.

Set against the backdrop of Harlem, the novel explores themes of friendship, family, and the challenges faced by young boys growing up in a tough urban environment. As Lolly navigates the complexities of his neighborhood and his own emotions, readers witness a poignant coming-of-age story that is both authentic and hopeful. "The Stars Beneath Our Feet" is a compelling exploration of resilience and the power of creativity to heal and transform lives.

The Stars Beneath Our Feet

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