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SOA Many Books Initiative

At SOA Co. Books, we give back and partner with like-minded groups. Learn about the organizations we celebrate year-round and how we partner with them below. Feel free to support them by sending books to their organization. 

Heads Up Houston

Heads Up Houston is a community development organization focused on maximizing the capacity of all people,through all things.


We help build their literacy program. We've contributed over 50 books to their nonprofit. We aim to provide 20 copies of the Souls of Black Folks this quarter and 100 books this year.

Want to support them? Click here to purchase the book and have it shipped to Good News Church, 8400 Boone Road, Houston, TX 77072. Copies are also available for purchase at our upcoming pop-up.

Learn more about their work here.


Birthday Bash Box

Birthday Bash Box is a nonprofit gifting children a literacy & social-emotional learning experience through birthday celebrations. 


We have a dedicated shelf to their organization on our Bookshop. We collaborate with their young readers book club. We aim to provide 30 books for a month's worth of celebrations each quarter.

Want to support them? Click here to purchase any book on their shelf and have it shipped to Birthday Bash Box, Attn: S. Johnson, P.O. Box 56382, Houston, TX 77256.  Copies of Bath Time and Coloring Book and Reflections for Social Emotional Learning are also available for purchase at our pop-ups.

Learn more about their organization here.

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